Wednesday Prayer & Praise

Pray for George Floyd's family
Our prayers for the family of George Floyd.
— , 06/04/2020
Prayers for Steury Family
Please keep Jane and her family in your prayers. Many of her family have serious medical concerns at this time. Two have the virus, one was in a car accident and another had a surgery and is doing well. Through all of these no one is allowed to visit them due to COVID-19. Pray for healing and comfort during this time.
— , 06/05/2020
Pray for Upcoming surgery
Please keep Steve Williams in your prayers. He is scheduled for an upcoming surgery. He is also being test to ensure he does not have the virus.
— , 06/05/2020
Praying for healing & strength
Please keep Gerald in your prayers as he will have a procedure done on May 15, 2020. Pray the surgery goes well, and for the doctor and nurses that will be caring for Gerald during the surgery. Pray for Louise as the COVID-19 guidelines make this even more stressful.
— , 05/08/2020
Continued healing
Please keep Officer Henderson in your prayers as she continues to heal from injuries. Pray she healing and that she will be able to return to work soon.
— Pastor Al, 05/08/2020
Pray for Eddie
Please keep Eddie in your prayers today. Eddie, son of Floyd & Suki, was in a horrific car accident. He is expected to live, but has many broken bones and other injuries. Pray for Eddie's healing. Please pray for Folyd and Suki, his parents. Due to the virus they can not be at his bedside.
— Floyd & Suki, 04/23/2020
Pray for our Pastor and Church Leadership during this time of COVID-19
— BRBC , 04/16/2020
Pray for our President, First Responders and Each Other!
— BRBC, 04/15/2020